Monday, May 19, 2008

My Night Work Is Starting To Click

Well I have been mucking about with night photography for a few months now.... I feel like I have gone through the initial experimental phase... I now know how to optimise my camera for the conditions and I have got a pretty good feel on how to read the conditions to capture the effects that I want.

Went out last Saturday night and captured this image.

Night Experiments continue

While there were still some technical aspects that I wasn't happy about with this photo, for the first time I felt that I started to capture the image that was in my head... In my mind that is a pretty big milestone.

I have shot this location before at dawn, but focused on the swirling waves.... this time I wanted the focus to be on the sky contrasting with the gorgeous pool sitting in the blur of the ocean.

I pretty much achieved my result..... at last..... shows that it does pay off to stick with it.

Got a few more images in my head that I'd like to take this full moon.... I just wish the damn clouds would play ball.... it's been crystal clear nights the last few.

Incidentally, this image was actually taken at dusk (15 min after sunset), with a 10stop ND filter on. Sure helps with the composition and focus when there is a bit of light around. I stopped down to f11 and almost 5min for this exposure.



Mark said...

Great shot. Where was that taken??



Brent Pearson said...

This shot was taken at Newport pool on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I like Newport for night work because it's one of the few beaches with no sodium lights on it at night.

Spool Photography said...

WOW thats a superb shot Brent, the POV is just spot on. Never tried anything like this myself (very long exposures)

Aimee Marie! said...

Your work is amazing! Very inspiring.